Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Live Nation and Groupon Team up for New Ecommerce Solution

Live Nation and Groupon Team up for New Ecommerce Solution
Groupon is a group-buying ecommerce solution that has been all over the net recently, especially after announcing their tie-up with Live Nation. These two powerhouses (Groupon dominating the daily deal market and Live Nation dominating the live music space) are now teaming up to give concert goers a new way to get tickets for their favorite concerts.

This new ecommerce solution will be called GrouponLive. How exactly this solution will service has been kept under wraps, but insiders say that it should be ready by the summer concert season. Since GrouponLive has immediate access to Live Nation’s expansive roster of events and performers, this solution will be the next best ecommerce site for live event deals.

This tie-up will give Groupon another way to dominate the market and bring in more money. They’ve already been on a roll recently. GrouponLive will be the latest channel to bring value to fans and at the same time help artists reach out to a wider audience.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Using Social Media Techniques in your Ecommerce Site

Using Social Media Techniques in your Ecommerce Site
Every ecommerce owner should develop a sort of platform. But what is a platform and how is it related to ecommerce? A platform is very relevant to anyone who wants to connect with others online, whether they are buyers or sellers like you. A platform is basically a base of people who know what you sell and who want to buy what you sell. Once you have such a platform, you can sell your products to it.

But how does one develop a platform? Through networking! By networking through person or online, one can develop a vast platform. Social networking has become the latest rage today and using sites like Facebook and Twitter or blogging sites can be very effective. But it is still important to conduct lectures and make media appearances in order to develop a strong, word-of-mouth market.

Most ecommerce entrepreneurs are fully-equipped with all the basics, from a blog and an official website to a Twitter feed and a Facebook page. Ecommerce owners also send out regular newsletters every year. But how do these entrepreneurs find the time to write emails, post blogs, connect with people, etc?

Firstly entrepreneurs work round-the-clock. And they are fast workers. They allocate certain hours of the day for certain functions.

How can a blog help an ecommerce owner? Firstly, it helps give your site a better search engine ranking. Search engines love blogs, thus making it a very important tool for ecommerce. The more quality backlinks you have to your ecommerce site, the better. Talk about your products or your industry. Let your audience know where your products came from, why they are so special, what they are made of, etc. Talk about the techniques, materials used and latest creations. This helps to develop brand recognition.

You can talk about your business, your products and your expertise in your blog. You can also include sales descriptions and prices for your products. Emails and newsletters are also a great way of building a platform. You can promote special products and holiday sales or sneak previews of your new items.

Growth in Ecommerce Website Development

Growth in Ecommerce Website Development
The first quarter of 2011 has revealed that there was tremendous growth in ecommerce development. This quarterly report was released yesterday and focuses mainly on the ecommerce freelancing areas and jobs. The data gathered was based on more than 15,000 freelance projects for hundreds of sites across the Web.

It has been established that a near 27% increase in the number of ecommerce freelance projects was seen and there was some amount of rivalry between medium and small ecommerce businesses. Here are some of the findings:
  • The top ecommerce platforms were Magento and osCommerce. Both these platforms now lead the market for their open environment.
  • The demand for ecommerce projects is constantly on the rise. Last year, Europe and Japan had the greatest demand. The United Kingdom has the most number of projects and Germany has the fastest growth.
  • XCart professionals were found to be the highest paid.
iPhone application development has also increased by nearly 33%; higher than Android, making it a more popular skill set to have.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ecommerce Owners worst nightmare – Abandoned Shopping Carts

Ecommerce Owners worst nightmare – Abandoned Shopping Carts
Right since the emergence of ecommerce sites some 10 odd years back, the online shopping cart has come as a boon to online customers as it helps them to compare, think and consider before they make a buying decision for a product they want.

But ecommerce website owners would do anything to transform those potential purchases into real purchases, and this is why they are constantly developing new and sophisticated methods of doing this. But then again, the situation can never be the same forever, what with the growing competition.

The biggest reason why customers abandon online shopping carts is because he or she is not interested enough to actually go ahead and buy the products. It is very important to understand why your customers abandon their shopping carts. There can be plenty of reasons and sometimes you cannot control this. Shopping cart abandonment can help you find ways to better service your customers.

It is important for ecommerce owners to analyze and follow up with their customers; the ones who have abandoned their shopping carts. Finding out why your customers have not purchased from you is the only way to reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase customer satisfaction and increase sales.

You can send emails to those customers who have abandoned your cart and ask them to give you suggestions on how you can improve your site. Customers value such honesty and will come back to see if you have implemented the changes. Your chances of selling to them now will be much stronger.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Ecommerce Site Launched for Fashion Accessories

New Ecommerce Site Launched for Fashion Accessories
Send the Trend is a new and innovative ecommerce store that offers a unique selection of custom fashion accessories for women. The site has raised nearly3 million dollars in its Series A funding which was led by Battery Ventures. The company first raised the initial capital from its angel investors. Today, the company is also launching an updated website that features a brand new design with customer-centric features such as social sharing, voting and one screen checkout.

Send the Trend provides customized and affordable accessories from fashion jewelry to scarves and sunglasses. Visitors have the option to complete a style survey that will guide the company’s stylists to tailor product options for them every month. Once the customer makes her first purchase, she will then receive a few recommendations based on her style preferences.

The company aims to make it simple for female shoppers to discover and make decisions online. The women of today do not have the time to visit ten different stores in order to figure out what they should buy. The company provides them with a curated collection of the season’s trendiest accessories, which are customized by the style survey. The customer’s life gets easier this way.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Surveys show that Small Businesses Underestimate Ecommerce

Businesses Underestimate Ecommerce
A recent survey about the concerns of independent business owners has found that most of the small business owners lack interest in ecommerce initiatives. Only 20 to 25% of small businesses accept payments online, suggesting that most business owners do not use websites as a tool to sell their products and services.

However, the survey has also shown that the number of small businesses using ecommerce will increase in time as more and more businesses become more comfortable with conducting business online. The biggest factors why businesses don’t take ecommerce seriously include: their site being old and outdated, clients not knowing what to do and where to go, business and markets changing, site requiring a makeover, site written in an outdated language, etc.

Ecommerce has become a major part of the American economy today. It is very important for small businesses owners to use ecommerce in order to compete with bigger businesses. The Internet makes all companies equal in the market, irrespective of size. Giant companies like Google and Facebook started off small and grew to such mammoth proportions because of ecommerce. Yes, small businesses also have the opportunity to compete today if they only embrace ecommerce.

According to the survey, at least 15% of business owners said that they did not have a website and for those who did have one, nearly 65% said that they did not make or accept payments on their sites. Only 21% were found to use a traffic pattern tracking tool.

Friday, April 29, 2011

What does it take to become a successful Ecommerce Entrepreneur?

What does it take to become a successful Ecommerce Entrepreneur?
You’ve probably asked this question a million times. What does it take to become a successful ecommerce entrepreneur? The answer can come as quite a surprise.

If you’ve tried searching on the Internet for “must have entrepreneurial skills” or for “crucial business skills”, you’ll find thousands of articles that offer their own versions on which skills and attributes you should possess in order to start your own business. Some people think you should have the leadership quality, while others think that a strategic vision is a must and still others think that empathy, empowerment and operational focus are the key attributes.

Here are a few practical skills that you can learn and execute.
  1. The ability to write well: Writing well means having the ability to communicate your points across with proper grammar and spellings. You should have a well-written product description for each of your products. You’ll need to write a return policy, privacy policy, “About Us” page and any or all emails. You’ll have to write blogs, Tweets, Facebook updates, and newsletters. You’ll have to write the Ad copy for your Google AdWords campaign and you’ll have to write the meta-descriptions as well as reply to your customers’ emails and vendors emails.

  2. Learn to “Learn”: An entrepreneur should be a jack of all trades. When starting your online business, you will need to know many things. So it is important to learn new skills. You’ll probably have to learn about product photo manipulation in Photoshop or how to write the basic HTML code for your website. You’ll need to know how to choose a shopping cart or an ecommerce platform. So decide how you want to learn all of this. Do you want to learn by reading? Do you want to learn by watching a video? Do you want to interact with someone? Or do you learn the best by using a combination of all these?

  3. Be a good Listener: All entrepreneurs should be good listeners. It is important to really listen to and understand your customers. You should also listen to instructors when learning new skills. And always listen to advice because sometimes you’ll need it.
Starting an ecommerce business can indeed be challenging, and these skills will surely help you get started.